Director's Statement

I grew up in a large, tight-knit family in Kolkata. A fact of life that a kid faces in such an environment is the constant and active presence of multiple authorities, often with conflicting ideas about morality. And the justice doled out is usually as crushing as it is arbitrary. At least that's how it seemed to me then. This film is essentially a take on the many dreams of revenge I entertained on my elders. The one elder who did not make my long list of enemies was my father. Like all of us, he had his shortcomings. But to his credit, he always abstained from instant judgment and quick solutions. This film is dedicated to him. Interestingly (by complete coincidence), we shot the film just one street away from my childhood home, with many family members by my side. Once the focus of my silent hatred, my family fed me, housed me and helped me in immeasurable ways in the making of this film. Aashpordha is a nuanced comedy, which I hope will cut across cultural barriers.